start and make your own business online

Starting a Business online

Creating your own online business, blog, shop or any other interest you have may seem like an impossible task for many people who pursue the dream of being financially independent or simply just want to have an extra income online, but the truth is it’s not! well not anymore at least,

When we go 20 or 18 or even 15 years back, there used to be a lot of pesky coding involved, making a website, adding content and pictures etc… this all needed to be coded, nowadays this is all done for you, ready made websites(although you still need to create your own content), themes, quick & easy editing etc… most of the *hard* work is already done or lets rather say the technical work, so how do we proceed into making a successful and profitable online business?

start and make your own business online
start and make your own business online

How do we proceed into creating our own successful online business?

You wont become a successful entrepreneur overnight or within a week or even within a month, to get real lasting success it will take work & effort from your part and in a year from now or maybe even months from now, you will start seeing results,

Building your own beautiful business is a real pleasure and you should see it as such, think of it as raising your own child, you feed it, you nurture it, giving it the love and attention it deserves and you will see your child(business) grow into a beautiful money making magnet,

One of the most common method(and personally the most easiest) to create a successful business is by use of an affiliate program and its there that you will learn affiliate marketing to create your own profitable business, affiliate marketing is simply said selling other people’s products or stuff for a commission, no need of having your own products or worrying about licensing a product, none of that stuff, just the *easy* stuff.


So where can i find a good program that can educate me?

If you choose to take this path, you must know from here on now, that there is no quick lottery, its really building your own business, there will be a lot training & education available, you will learn how to put it to good use, to build an amazing website and your business, important to remember here is, that it will take time, there is no way around it, but with the work you put in today, you will see yourself in a better position than you are now, in the near future and that means in 1 year from now or even in a few months (if you follow the training well enough like some of the other members are doing).

start and make your own business online
start and make your own business online

Enjoy the process, don’t rush it, the affiliate program that i have used(and still am using) is called Wealthy affiliate, i built this website and the other websites i own thanks to that education program and as you can see turned it onto a profitable business, this is an affiliate program that works,

I’ve know other programs that were okay, good enough and complete rubbish, so why would this affiliate program work for you too?

Here are a few points:

  • They are very beginners friendly
  • Make use of the English language that anyone can understand(reasonable conversation level English)
  • Great training and tons of extra training and education available
  • Free starter membership(forever) and premium membership(excellent quality)
  • personal help & coaching (even from the owners themselves, they have over 15 years experience!)
  • Many (Truly many!) experienced affiliate marketing members who are more than happy to help(including me!)
  • 24/7 support technical support for your website(they are truly helpful, I’ve nagged them more than i can remember…..)
  • ask questions on live help
  • A community of members (newbies & experienced alike) who you can interact with
  • Many more points

These are just some of the plus points, are there any cons(negative points) as well? Yes there are and these are my personal opinion, other members or even you may disagree with them,

however i will name 2 points i do not like:

  • First one is once your a premium member, you cannot downgrade back to a starter membership, which may be annoying, because if for some reason you want to take a break, you simply just cant, i must add though, they do have a great backup system, all your work is kept safe in there and you can request it all back once you’re ready to succeed again.
  • Second is recommending members to promote their affiliate program too early on without ever selling a single product in their entire affiliate career, and why? because they can’t think of any other niche to promote? there are tons of stuff to sell! if doing the affiliate program was just for learning & education, i would say alright, its just that, Don’t get me wrong here, the training & education they provide is 100% real and in my opinion, the best place to be in for beginning & advanced marketers.

These are my main 2 points and ill be honest with you there is no perfect program out there, but at least they update and add tons of awesome features every single year, they truly care about their members and will help you succeed.

Points that will lead to success

  • Ask for help when you need it, this was my failure in the beginning and it took me longer to succeed
  • be willing to do the work, don’t expect everything to be done for you, most of the technical details are already provided for you, its just needs your love and attention
  • Enjoy the process, there may be moments when things get tough, boring and mundane, but you must get tougher, Don’t give in to those emotions!
  • look for inspirations at others successes
  • If you really get frustrated, go to the gym, do some exercise and clear your mind, release the stress!
  • Give yourself a break, be kind for yourself, love yourself and know everyone will have difficult times, this is just your mountain to pass through.
  • Keep going and push yourself, your will and energy will find a way, follow your idea, change them a bit if necessary, build your business even better.
  • Don’t give up! never let a temporary emotion get the best of you, Be tougher!

Wow, this article became two times the size than expected, honestly i have a completely different website for this subject alone, there is so much more to tell, but i guess you rather experience it for yourself, Join Wealthy affiliate by clicking here!

However If you do prefer to know a little bit more about WA, please feel free to check our website here

start and make your own business online
start and make your own business online


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4 thoughts on “start and make your own business online

    1. Find out for yourself and try it out, the free membership truly is free,
      you don’t need to sign up a bank or credit card either,

      Don’t be afraid of starting something new,
      There is plenty of help available, including from me,
      just start with the training and the rest will follow,

      Enjoy your new adventure. 🙂

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for pulling this together!

    I totally agree with your comments about taking time to get your online business going. In these days of instant gratification people give up way to early. I really liked your analogy of bringing up children as a way of illustrating this.

    It takes time, application, testing and continuous work to make any business successful, and an online business is no different.



    1. Hi Martin

      Thanks for your kind words, Glad this article was of use to you,
      Enjoy your online journey!


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