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We connect native English speakers with English teaching jobs in Spain and then assist them with every facet of the entire process from start to finish to help get them there.

We will:

Connect you with an ESL teaching position in Spain
Assist you with the application process
Help you with the entire process of securing your Spanish visa
Assist you to open a bank account, find a working phone, get legal residency in Spain, look for an apartment, etc. so that you can be successful in Spain, both before and after you arrive.

Teaching Benefits:

Four-Day work week,
Competitive Spanish salary (between €700 – €1000 depending on the region),
Available placements all over Spain,
Three-Day weekends where you can travel and explore Spain and Europe,
Free Health Insurance.

Teaching Requirements:

Must have an American or Canadian passport,
Must have a four-year college degree,
Must have no serious medical conditions (for your own safety),
Must have no serious criminal record.

No previous teaching experience of any kind is required!

Contact us today at rvfspain@gmail.com so that we can help get you to Spain!
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